ok ok ok gotta keep calm

*internal screaming*


Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, RED, 1989

I know that you’re moving on, I know I should give you up. But I keep hoping that you’ll trip and fall back in love. Times not healing anything. This pain is worse than it ever was :( :(

Unbelievably true.

Unbelievably true.

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I really am not coping well with this whatsoever. Every thought every dream every face I see is you. I can’t get my head or heart to accept that you have moved on and it’s absolutely killing me suffering through this on my own :( I try to remember all the bad things you put me through over the four years but they just vanish as soon as I think of your face. I have so many regrets ending it because I couldn’t cope with exams and took the easy way out. When I should’ve tried harder to prove that I still am and will always forever be in love with you :( and you will never be mine again.

I hate having the temptation to send you messages or find an excuse to speak to you. It’s been over 2 months and you have moved on after four years of being together 😫 When is it actually going to get better seriously? Done with pretending to be okay, when you’re the only person who is on my mind. And not being able to contact you is by far the worst thing in the world. And most of all imagining my future without you beside me 😞

"Don’t ever come back to a relationship that was already ended, it just like repeatedly reading a book that you have already know the ending."

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Wish I had known this before

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